FullSpectrum Values

1. Community/Diversity

Loving one another in Christ, we affirm, appreciate, and respect our similarities and differences as one body.

2. Accountability

Holding each other to God’s standards, we encourage the pursuit of holiness and excellence.

3. Teachability

Believing in lifelong transformation, we learn from God, with one another and from each other.

4. Prayerfulness

Uniting ourselves in prayer, we subject ourselves to God’s will and direction.

5. Compassion

Holistically addressing brokenness, alienation, and marginalization, we express agape love for our neighbors.

6. Creativity

Reflecting the image of God, we innovatively use and express the full spectrum of God-given gifts.

7. Adaptability

Relying on the unchanging Word of God, we endeavor to lead with His guidance to navigate the changing moral and cultural environment.

8. Collaboration/Connectivity

Being empowered by the Holy Spirit, we engage different individuals/groups in mutual partnerships with focused Kingdom purposes and outcomes.